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Some Common Cosmetic Dental Procedures

May 26, 2015

Chipped, broken, or missing teeth can make anyone self-conscious. Accidents can happen. One moment you are surfing on your skateboard, and the next thing you know, you are on the ground. You hit something and knocked one of your teeth out. Do not let accidents take away your smile. Cosmetic dentistry is common, and it can fix a range of oral problems that can make smiling awkward. Let us see some very common procedures that cosmetic dentists are proficient at performing. (more…)

The Improvements in Dentistry

May 11, 2015

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Thanks to the advancement in dental technology, dentists now have access to the latest equipment and tools designed for faster diagnosis, less invasive treatment, and greater overall comfort. Many potential patients are nervous about visiting their dentist; some even have dental phobias. The modern dental tools and equipment are geared towards easing those discomforts while improving the quality of dental care.   (more…)

Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

April 23, 2015

There is a notable difference between general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. While general dentistry deals with treating all your oral diseases and maintaining your oral health, cosmetic dentistry is all about improving the overall look of your teeth and smile. In simpler terms, general dentistry addresses all the diseases related to your oral health and cosmetic dentistry concentrates on your teeth for improving their look.  (more…)

How a Dentist Can Improve Your Smile

March 27, 2015

Missing, chipped, cracked or discolored teeth can make a person feel self-conscious among their social circle. If you happen to be such a person, do not worry! There are a number of procedures available today to correct your situation. Visit a well-known dentist and check out what cosmetic dental services they can offer you. Most dentists here in Pennsylvania will be able to perform dental implants, whitening, crowns, reshaping, and contouring. Let us gain some insight into these cosmetic dental procedures so that you will know what to expect.

Implants – The ideal way to regain a new smile

It can be very hard to deal with missing teeth. You may perhaps feel like never to smile again. An experienced and skilled dentist in Pennsylvania like at Flenniken Family Dentistry can return your joyful smile to your face. The dental implant procedure involves only a few simple steps. First, the dentist will analyze your jaw structure. If it is healthy, the dentist will insert a metal post (a titanium post) into the gum of the missing tooth. The next step is shaping a false tooth and placing it into position on the metal post. Once it is in the position, the dentist will again shape and color it to make it look like the rest of your teeth. The procedure is safe; the result is radical.

Teeth Whitening – To give you that impeccable smile

Discolored, yellowed teeth can really hurt the pride, but do not worry. Skilled dentists can also whiten your discolored, yellowed or brownish teeth in just one visit, so you can have that glimmering white smile. The majority of teeth whitening procedures involve using a bleaching material on the teeth and letting it stay for a while. Oftentimes, a dentist may also use the laser (dental laser) on the material to expedite the process. Some whitening procedures may require multiple short visits to the dentist. Nevertheless, teeth whitening treatments can deliver bright, spotless teeth.

Dental Veneers – To give you a white and perfectly-shaped smile

Dental veneers are primarily suitable for discolored, chipped, and misshapen teeth. The procedure to apply veneers is simple, it does not even require anesthesia. Dental veneers are an ultra-thin piece of porcelain that a dentist places over your teeth to improve or enhance the overall look. Veneers, in most cases, deliver the same results as dental bonding. Nevertheless, veneers last longer than bonding.

Dental Crowns – A perfect way to restore a damaged tooth

Dental crowns are caps that a dentist places on top of a damaged tooth in order to reinstate it to its original shape. It is a time-consuming treatment, and perhaps costly too (depending on the crown material you choose). Your dentist may recommend other cosmetic dental procedures unless there are no other options than a dental crown. Nevertheless, dental crowns are the most durable option besides dental implants.

Aside from these, many more cosmetic dental treatments are available that dentists in Pennsylvania offer. Visit your dentist in Pennsylvania and see what astonishing cosmetic procedures they can perform for you.

Tips to Overcome Dental Anxiety

March 10, 2015

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Be it a fear of a roller-coaster or a fear of insects, we all have some phobias that make us anxious to a point that we try everything we can, to avoid it. A most common phobia that many people (almost 75% Americans) have is a dental phobia. Many people have avoided dentists for so long that their oral health has not been taken care of in years. If you are one of these people who feel anxious getting your oral health checked, whether you have had an unpleasant experiences in the past or have plain anxiety, there are several things you can do to keep your dental phobia in check.

Many reputable dentists in Pennsylvania offer sedation dentistry to keep you at ease. Different options are available, including IV sedation, local anesthetics, general anesthesia, as well as medication to calm you down. Not every dentist in Pennsylvania is qualified to administer all types of sedation; hence, ask your dentist beforehand what his or her office offers.

Some dentists in Pennsylvania specialize in handling anxious patients by creating a calm, soothing atmosphere that is nothing like a typical dental office. These dentists create a relaxing atmosphere by dressing in casual clothing instead of a typical white coat, relinquishing medical posters on the walls about dentures and gum diseases, or playing gentle music or soothing sounds in the office.

Do not be hesitant to let the dentist know you are anxious. If you tell the dentist you are anxious, he or she will do everything to make you feel calm and comfortable. Ask your dentist to talk to you for a few minutes before proceeding to the exam. This casual conversation will help you both know each other well. If you prefer, tell the dentist that you like to have an initial consultation to get familiar, and then come back again the next day for the treatment.

While you visit the dentist, take control of the situation. Carry along a nice book or magazine to read so you do not get anxious while waiting in the waiting room. Listen to your favorite music on your iPod or iPhone, which will serve as an excellent distraction. You can also ask, at the clinic, what options are available that may help you feel at ease. Dentists are accustomed, to having patients with anxiety; therefore, they may have several options to help patients feel at ease. When you visit the dentist, consider taking a friend or family member with you. The presence of someone you trust will help you stay calm. A friend or family member may also remind you to try different relaxation techniques like deep breathing.

After your appointment, reward yourself. Treat yourself to a nice dinner at your favorite restaurant. Giving yourself a reward will inspire you to overcome your dental and dentist anxiety.

Follow the above tips and even individuals with severe anxiety will be on their way to a healthy mouth!

Cosmetic Dentistry – Things Your Dentist can do to Improve Your Smile

January 24, 2015

In the past few years, cosmetic dentistry in Pennsylvania and across the United States has flourished, offering more techniques and treatments for dentists to create sensational smiles for their patients. What a cosmetic dentist do to beautify their patients’ smile, goes far beyond teeth whitening. Your cosmetic dentist can dramatically change your smile and give you a complete new look.

Cosmetic dentists have a range of smile enhancing tools and techniques at their disposal. Below is a list of just some of the most regularly used cosmetic dental treatments used by dentists.

Dental Bleaching

Dental bleaching, or one can say professional teeth whitening treatments, either done at dentist’s office or at home with at-home whitening system, are the most common cosmetic dental procedures used today. Cosmetic dentists have dental lasers as well as whitening agents and protective gels (to protect gums from lasers) that they utilize in their office. The results of in-office bleaching are often quick and dramatic. Many patients, however, choose at-home whitening system, as it offers them more flexibility and may be because of its affordability.

Dental Veneers

Dentists have used dental veneers to improve esthetics of teeth for ages. In the past 20 – 30 years, however, the use of dental veneers in the cosmetic dental industry has surged exponentially. Dental veneers today have improved impressively. Today’s veneers are such that they are virtually impossible to detect. Cosmetic dentists, using veneers, can create a uniform look or better look of broken or uneven teeth. Dental veneers can also beautify teeth that have been worn down or are discolored. Veneers also help close the gaps between teeth.

Teeth Straightening

Many general dentists and cosmetic dentists now offer what was once an orthodontist’s specialty — teeth straightening services. Today, both general dentists and cosmetic dentists have more options than traditional metal wire braces to straighten teeth and improve their appearance. Invisalign system, that align misaligned teeth over time, is very popular these days. It offers an invisible way to create a perfect smile.

Today, even general dentists in Pennsylvania and some other states in the United States are providing various cosmetic dental treatments to their patients. By finding and going to such general dentists, patients can save time and money as they can get all their dental and cosmetic dental treatments in one place.

If you are looking for dentists in Pennsylvania, who along with general dental treatments provide excellent cosmetic dental treatments, then Flenniken Family Dentistry is worth considering. Led by highly experienced Dr. Neil Flenniken and Dr. Susan Flenniken, Flenniken Family Dentistry provides extensive cosmetic dental treatments including teeth whitening, teeth straightening, veneers, and even a complete smile makeover.

To know more about Flenniken Family Dentistry, visit www.monarchsmiles.com

Experienced Dentist in Pennsylvania at Flenniken Family Dentistry Explains How Dentistry has Changed

December 29, 2014

In the past, a visit to the dentist, even for a routine check-up, was something that many people usually tried to avoid possibly because of the nuisance that is associated with various treatments. Dentistry these days, however, has made the prospect of oral care less intimidating and more comfortable. The profession has gone far beyond its traditional roles. The traditional equipment of dentistry – the creepy examination chair, the drill, and the x-ray machine – have been improved as dentists use modern technologies and techniques to provide a complete oral care.

One of the significant changes that modern dental practices have enacted is to become personalized in their approach to patient’s unique concerns and needs. Today’s dental office layouts are such that they reflect a more amiable and compassionate environment in order to make patients feel at ease. Contemporary dentists today not only deal with traditional oral issues but also can assist patients with dental matters that dentists of the past may not have considered.

The 21st century dentists have made exceptional technological advances in order to improve the quality of the dental experience. Many dental offices have a web presence that enables patients to inquire about the clinic, make appointments, contact the clinic and to learn about the procedures that they may be soon facing. Educational information about the dentists also helps to acquaint patients with those who may be providing dental care to them.

Reconstructive dentistry has become a major part of today’s dental practice. Examples of reconstructive dentistry include replacing lost tooth/teeth, crowns, and dental bridges to repair damaged existing teeth; providing implants; and maxillofacial surgery to deal with problems involving the jaw and issues with the temporomandibular joint. Today’s dentists may have specialty training in different disciplines in order to offer the best treatment options for their patients.

Cosmetic dentistry has become a fast-growing specialty of modern dental practices. The number of people who are looking for teeth whitening solutions, veneers (to enhance tooth appearance) and alternative ways to metal wire braces or other types of teeth straightening options is increasing exponentially. For todays dentists, enhancing the smiles of patients has become equally important as helping patients maintain good oral health.

Preventive dental care has become a major focus for contemporary dentists. By keeping an eye on patients’ oral health, carrying out regular examinations, and utilizing modern digital x-ray methods, dentists today can often detect potential oral problems before they aggravate and save their patients the extra cost and requirement for treatments later on. One of the most significant examinations that dentists can perform is a screening for oral cancer. Innovative, non-invasive methods provide dentists with the tools that help with accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Today’s oral care is more advanced than what it was a decade or two ago. State-of-the-art tools and techniques have propelled dental practices into the lead of 21st-century health care industry.

If you are looking for contemporary dentists in Pennsylvania, who can provide a comprehensive and exceptional level of dental care using state-of-the-art tools and techniques, then Flenniken Family Dentistry is the right place. Dentists at Flenniken Family Dentistry are experienced and adept to use modern dental tools and techniques in order to provide personalized reconstructive, cosmetic and preventive dental care to their patients. Know more about Flenniken Family Dentistry by visiting www.monarchsmiles.com.

Teeth Whitening – Always Consult an Experienced Cosmetic Dentist

November 17, 2014

There are many clichés about the importance of a healthy, bright smile. Therefore, it is no wonder that why teeth whitening is the most common and frequently-requested procedure from a cosmetic dentist. Teeth whitening is a very simple procedure, which a dentist can perform in his or her office, or you can do it at your home, and there are many ways in which you can maintain your newly brightened smile.

If you think your teeth are discolored and need professional teeth whitening, you should consult with a reputable cosmetic dentist to discuss the options that are best for you. It is to be expected that the dentist will advise one of the several professional dental treatments, which can be performed safely and easily in the office or at home. The quickest and the most effective option is in-office whitening. Your dentist will first apply a special protective gel on your gums, followed by a bleaching solution on your teeth. The dentist will then use a dental laser to expedite the action of bleaching solution. The entire in-office whitening treatment will take no more than sixty minute. You may need more than one in-office whitening session in order to achieve the results you desire, but you will indeed notice impressive result after the first session itself.

There is also a teeth whitening option that you can perform in the convenience of your home. For at-home whitening treatment, your dentist will create a custom-fit mouth tray that you need to wear with a bleaching material in it. The results through at-home teeth whitening treatment are slow, but the treatment itself is affordable.

Whether you decide to go for an in-office whitening or at-home whitening, it is necessary to consult with an experienced dentist. Bleaching materials used by someone inexperienced can cause damage to your enamel and gums.

Once you have received the tooth whitening treatment from an experienced cosmetic dentist, there are many ways in which you can maintain bright smile. A professional cleaning every six months is one important way to care for your bright teeth. Routine cleanings thwart plaque and tartar buildup, and contribute toward better health of your mouth and gums. Brushing and flossing every day is a cardinal part of routine oral hygiene that prevents cavities and keeps gums in good shape. Regularly brushing and flossing even remove plaque before it has any chance to cause tooth discoloration.

The food you eat also plays an important role in maintaining a healthy smile. Eating crunchy vegetables and fruits like carrots and apples help fight stains. The abrasiveness of crunchy foods naturally cleans the tooth’s surface and stimulates the production of saliva that helps fight bacteria. Further, avoid consuming acidic foods and beverages, such as berries, soy, tomato, tea, coffee, wine, and so on. They can leave stain on your teeth.

Professional teeth whitening can give you bright, white smile, and a good oral hygiene regimen can help you maintain that beautiful smile. Always consult with an experienced cosmetic dentist for a solution that meets your unique needs.

Cosmetic Dentistry – Bonding & Veneers

November 13, 2014

We are going to tell you about bonding and veneers. Both the treatments are related to cosmetic dentistry and either of them can enhance your smile.


If you have excess space between your teeth, or if your teeth are broken, chipped, cracked, or stained, bonding may help improve them. Cosmetic dentists even use bonding material to protect the exposed root of a tooth or fill small cavities.

Bonding treatment can usually be carried out in a single office visit. During the

treatment, your dentist will apply an etching solution,

which is then followed by tooth-colored materials on the tooth’s surface. Sometimes, composite resins may also be applied to the tooth’s surface.

Bonding could last for several years; however, it is more likely to become stained or chipped than any other types of restorations.


Veneers are custom shells (commonly made from porcelain or plastic) that cover the front surface of the teeth. They are applied to change the color and/or shape of teeth. Applying veneers can improve teeth that:

•    Are permanently stained
•    Are slightly crooked
•    Are poorly shaped
•    Have become chipped or worn
•    Have gaps between them

Veneers are comparatively less expensive than crowns. They are also long lasting and have better color stability than bonding.

Before applying veneers, your dentist will first take an impression of your tooth. Then he or she will prepare your tooth before cementing the veneer in place. Often a beam of light will be used to harden the cement that secures the veneer to your tooth.

In case of porcelain veneers, you will need to take a second visit to the dentist to have them inserted. This is because porcelain veneers are made in a laboratory based on your unique tooth pattern.

Cosmetic Dentistry – Dental Bridges & Dental Implants

November 7, 2014

In our earlier blogs, we explained almost everything about various cosmetic dental treatments, including the most common teeth whitening, dental bonding, crowns, veneers, enamel shaping, contouring, and dental braces. In this edition, we will explain you something about bridges and implants. Either of these cosmetic dental treatments can restore a bright smile back on your face.


Also known as fixed partial denture, bridges help replace missing teeth with artificial teeth. Dental bridges can be made of porcelain, alloys, gold, or a combination. Dentists hook up them onto surrounding teeth after making them for crowns. Then a fake tooth joins to the crowns and the bridge is bonded onto the prepared teeth. When it comes to removing a fixed bridge, only your dentist can do it.

The success of the dental bridge entirely depends upon its foundation i.e. the surrounding teeth. That is why, it is important to keep remaining teeth healthy and strong.


Implants are expensive and more complex cosmetic dentistry procedure, but are a durable solution for replacing missing teeth. Dental implants are an alternative to removable dentures (which rest on your gums) and dental bridges (which use adjacent teeth as anchors). Dental implants have three parts:

–    Titanium post, which fuses to the jawbone

–    A support that fits over the part of the implant, which protrude from the gums

–    A crown, which a dentist creates for a natural, tooth-like appearance

People can get a dental implant to replace a tooth. This procedure can also replace several teeth. If the patient has bone loss due to lost teeth or periodontal disease, the dentist will probably need to graft bone, so the implant has something where it can secure firmly.

Having dental implants requires several steps, including:

•    A comprehensive dental exam, X-rays, and consultation

•    Implantation of the titanium post, surgically

•    Taking imprints of the lower and upper jaws

•    Preparing a model for the creation of the crowns or dentures

•    Placement of the crown

•    Routine check-ups with the dentist

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