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Cosmetic Dentistry – Dental Bridges & Dental Implants

November 7, 2014

In our earlier blogs, we explained almost everything about various cosmetic dental treatments, including the most common teeth whitening, dental bonding, crowns, veneers, enamel shaping, contouring, and dental braces. In this edition, we will explain you something about bridges and implants. Either of these cosmetic dental treatments can restore a bright smile back on your face.


Also known as fixed partial denture, bridges help replace missing teeth with artificial teeth. Dental bridges can be made of porcelain, alloys, gold, or a combination. Dentists hook up them onto surrounding teeth after making them for crowns. Then a fake tooth joins to the crowns and the bridge is bonded onto the prepared teeth. When it comes to removing a fixed bridge, only your dentist can do it.

The success of the dental bridge entirely depends upon its foundation i.e. the surrounding teeth. That is why, it is important to keep remaining teeth healthy and strong.


Implants are expensive and more complex cosmetic dentistry procedure, but are a durable solution for replacing missing teeth. Dental implants are an alternative to removable dentures (which rest on your gums) and dental bridges (which use adjacent teeth as anchors). Dental implants have three parts:

–    Titanium post, which fuses to the jawbone

–    A support that fits over the part of the implant, which protrude from the gums

–    A crown, which a dentist creates for a natural, tooth-like appearance

People can get a dental implant to replace a tooth. This procedure can also replace several teeth. If the patient has bone loss due to lost teeth or periodontal disease, the dentist will probably need to graft bone, so the implant has something where it can secure firmly.

Having dental implants requires several steps, including:

•    A comprehensive dental exam, X-rays, and consultation

•    Implantation of the titanium post, surgically

•    Taking imprints of the lower and upper jaws

•    Preparing a model for the creation of the crowns or dentures

•    Placement of the crown

•    Routine check-ups with the dentist

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