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What’s the Future for Dental Implants? Your Dentist Weighs in

August 29, 2018

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woman smiling preparing to eat an appleOne of the advantages of living in a technologically advanced society is that people are able to receive cutting-edge care, which translates into a greater life expectancy overall. As a result of people living longer lives, their teeth are forced to endure the volatile environment of the mouth longer. Thus, data show that for those 74 and older, nearly a third of them will lose all their permanent teeth. Thankfully, they have a viable answer for a complete restoration with dental implants, and as you read on, you’ll learn about the technological advancements that will appear in the future.

Why are Dental Implants Gaining Popularity?

Titanium posts that are surgically attached to your underlying jawbone, dental implants are becoming the standard for replacing missing teeth. That’s because they come the closest to recreating the same stability that your natural roots provide. Not only do they restore the full function of your teeth, they also help to create beautiful smiles.

What the Future Holds for Dental Implants

As the general population gets older and tooth loss becomes more prevalent, the new innovations in the world of implantology will be able to accommodate the changes. Here are some of the breakthroughs that are just around the corner:

  • Digital Smile Dentistry – No longer will patients have to wonder about how a dental implant and restoration will affect the way they look. With Digital Smile Dentistry, the cutting-edge imaging technology will allow patients to see the appearance of their smile after the work is completed.
  • CAMLOG Implant System – When it comes to a dental implant procedure, there are a lot of working parts that have to be coordinated. The CAMLOG Implant System does an excellent job of functioning as the epicenter that connects the digital planning software, surgical techniques, and other aspects of the treatment protocol to provide the most precise care possible.
  • Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD-CAM) – In the future, the dental implant process will be much faster. One of the reasons is CAD-CAM software, which is used to create identical replicas of soon-to-be lost teeth, so they can be replaced as soon as they are extracted.

Some Things Remain the Same

Although the dental implant procedure will continue to undergo many changes and improvements in the future, certain things will remain as constants. For example, patients will always need to practice excellent oral hygiene and will also need to have good oral health to be eligible for this type of treatment.

As mentioned earlier, it all starts with a visit to your implant dentist for a consultation. While there, you can ask all the questions you need and get on the road to a full recovery.

About the Author

For nearly two decades, Dr. Neil Flenniken has been practicing dentistry. Still, the Howard University graduate and Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry remains driven to learn more about the technological advances in the world of dentistry. Dr. Flenniken helps patients regain the lives they once had with dental implants at Monarch Dentistry and can be reached for more information through his website.

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