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Dentist in Pennsylvania Explains How Some Lifestyle Changes Factor Toward Good Overall Dental Health

February 5, 2015

In order to keep your oral health in a peak condition, going to see your family dentist for a routine exam is not enough; you will need to make several lifestyle changes to ensure your mouth stays in great shape, just like the rest of your body. An experienced dentist in Pennsylvania, Dr. Neil Flenniken at Flenniken Family Dentistry states a few things you can do, which can factor toward good overall dental health.

Quit or Stay Away from Tobacco and Cigarettes

Needless to say, these products are very harmful. While cigarettes and tobacco are major causes of stained and yellow teeth, they also factor toward damaging your gums, tongue, and throat. Not to forget, consuming these harmful products can also contribute to a number of lung and oral cancers; they are very toxic to oral tissue, as well. Smoking cigarettes and consuming tobacco can inhibit proper blood flow in the gums, which can lead to serious complications like diseased gums and tooth loss.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Keeping your weight under control also factors toward good dental health. The best way to keep your weight in check is to eat nutritious foods that are also great for your mouth. Foods such as pears, apples, and celery are best for oral health because they help fight tooth-damaging plaque. If you wear a denture, maintaining a healthy weight can ensure your dentures fit properly. A sudden loss or gain in weight can force you to have your dentures readjusted to the new shape of your gums.

Keep Alcohol Consumption to a Minimum

Occasional consumption of alcohol is okay, but many dentists advice that you stay away from excessive drinking. Many alcoholic drinks, including wine, contain sugar, which feeds the cavity-breeding bacteria in your mouth. Further, alcohol often dehydrates your mouth, creating a haven for bacteria to nurture and cause more damage to oral health.

Careful with the Antibiotics

Many of us are usually not aware, but some of the antibiotics for common colds or other health issues may cause harm to the mouth. Certain medications can cause your mouth to become dry, and dry mouth can cause gum disease and an increase in the risk of cavities. Take precautions when using antibiotics. When taking antibiotics, a hydrating mouth rinse may help.

Visit the Dentist on a Regular Basis

Make ‘going to the dentist twice a year’ a regular part of your lifestyle. Having a thorough exam and teeth cleaning is the best way to ensure that your oral health stays in peak condition. Dentists, with the help of modern tools and equipment, can catch potential dental problems early on before they aggravate and cause serious complications.

Taking care of your mouth is one excellent way to keep yourself healthy. Aside from a routine exam, it is worth practicing good oral hygiene in order to ensure that your mouth is in peak condition.

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