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Learn About Veneer History with a Dentist in Tyson’s Corner

February 10, 2018

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woman white teethThere are many patients who dream of having a “movie star smile,” not even realizing that half of the celebrities that they admire have received dental work. In fact, many Hollywood stars admit to getting porcelain veneers—even Tom Cruise has them!

But achieving the perfect teeth hasn’t always been such an easy task. Dentists have developed this method over years and years of trial and error, trying to create a way to help all patients feel great about their smiles no matter what imperfections they currently have.

In this week’s blog post, we’re going to be covering the history of porcelain veneers with your dentist in Tyson’s Corner.

It All Started in 1928…

Charles Pincus was the first documented actor to use dental veneers as a part of his actor’s costume, altering his smile for a film shoot. These older veneers were attached using a removable adhesive so that he could remove them after the shoot. Later, people in Hollywood started to use a longer lasting material with their acrylic veneers, but they still don’t compare to the stability that we have today. At the time, they were still easily damaged and would need to be replaced frequently.

In 1959 Veneers Became More Stable

In 1959, Dr. Michael Buonocore invented etching. This is a process that many dentists still use today in a variety of dental procedures and along with many dental restorations. In order to create a more porous surface to cement restorations in place, your dentist will etch the top layer of your tooth (enamel) to cerate a better bonding surface.

The Research Continued…

In 1982, the Simonsen and Calamia research group discovered that this “etching method” could be improved and provide a great way to apply porcelain veneers. Instead of just scraping away enamel, they applied a hydrofluoric acid onto the surfaces of teeth.

Then, your dental restoration—or veneers in this case—would be applied to the teeth for much longer lasting result. This is the first semi-permanent dental bonding treatment available for cosmetic treatments.  Using this method, most patients retained their veneers for several years before they would need to be repaired, reattached, or replaced which was a huge improvement!

Modern Veneers from Your Cosmetic Dentist in Tyson’s Corner

Today, we use the same etchant and bonding techniques to apply dental veneers. However, the methods have improved along with dental technology and evolving tools.  Plus, the materials used have changed from acrylic to high-quality dental porcelain which provides a way for dentists to create aesthetically pleasing new teeth that look just like your surrounding teeth!

If you’ve been thinking about getting porcelain veneers, trust your highly-trained dentist in Tyson’s Corner. They understand the history and modern techniques to give you your best smile.

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