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Dentist in VA, Explains How to Maintain Good Oral Health After Gum Disease Treatment

July 29, 2014

Most patients across the globe experience the gum disease because they don’t pay proper attention to their daily oral hygiene routines. As a result, they need to undergo some sort of gum disease treatment, whether it is a surgical intervention to excise diseased tissue or a thorough cleaning to remove bacteria from underneath the gums. However, if you adopt your old habits after undergoing gum disease treatment, then there is a higher chance that you may face a serious risk for a relapse of gum disease.

To diminish the chances of developing any serious oral issues after gum disease treatment, it is essential that you maintain a good oral routine after being treated by your dentist. In fact, you should discuss suitable oral care habits and techniques with your dentist as a part of the treatment planning process.

To maintain good oral health after gum disease treatment, you should brush twice a day for at least two minutes at a time. Along with brushing, daily flossing will also help you to decrease the presences of plaque and tartar that contain the oral bacteria that can lead to gum disease. According to dentists, patients with a history of gum disease should also add a good-quality mouthwash to their routine as a supplementary anti-bacterial measure.

Remember, after gum disease treatment, nothing can go as far as a proper dental hygiene; therefore, don’t forget to obey these basic oral care rules that are as follows:

  1. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, for two minutes
  2. After brushing, don’t forget to floss
  3. Make use of an antibacterial mouthwash, as it ensures all round protection from plaque and tartar
  4. Quit smoking!  It can damage your gum tissues, and decrease healing time after gum disease treatment
  5. Visit your dentist every three months, to remove plaque buildup and maintain good oral health

For patients who have undergone gum disease treatment, it becomes even more imperative for them to keep up with their dental visits to their dentist and hygienist.

The most important point to remember is  when you protect your mouth against gum diseases, you directly promote good health and wellness. A healthy mouth truly is the gateway to a healthy body.  Good oral care routines and routine cleanings are needed in preserving oral health and keeping gum disease away.

After going through initial gum disease treatments, your dentist and hygienist will have you visit your dental clinic every three months to maintain good oral health.  Seeing your dentist and hygienist four times a year will help them keep your gum disease in remission and keep your chances of reinfection at bay.

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