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How A Cosmetic Dentist Can Enhance Your Smile

August 7, 2014

Dentists across Pennsylvania have become increasingly busy, as more and more people are visiting them for services other than regular check-ups. These days, many cosmetic dental procedures are available that enhance the look of your smile. To decide the best treatment for your teeth, visit one of many cosmetic dentists in Pennsylvania for a complete dental examination. Then, get ready for a perfect smile! Below are few options to consider when considering about beautifying the look of your teeth with cosmetic dental treatment.

Teeth Whitening

One of the most common cosmetic treatments performed by cosmetic dentists is teeth whitening. Patients can get whiter and brighter teeth, by eliminating discolorations and stains resulted by certain food, drinks, and tobacco. This treatment can be suitable for everyone, as whitening procedures can be performed in the office, or with take-home kits. Teeth whitening by a professional cosmetic dentist in Pennsylvania ensures excellent results that often last for several years.


Another common cosmetic treatment is the application of veneers. Cosmetic dentists apply veneers to fix various dental problems such as worn teeth or chipped teeth, space between teeth or stains on teeth. By applying these custom, tooth-colored crusts over the front portion of a patient’s tooth, a dentist can change the color as well as the shape of teeth. Such veneers are durable, long lasting, and can even protect teeth’s surface from any damage.


With the use of bonding treatment, cosmetic dentists in Pennsylvania can even enhance the shape and color of patients’ teeth. This option is different from veneers as the material, in this case, is shaped and applied directly to a tooth’s surface. Dentists commonly provide this treatment to fix minor chips or cracks in teeth. Bonding is economical than veneers, but it is not long lasting in nature.

Dental Fillings

A few years back, silver-colored, metal materials were used by dentists to fill cavities. These fillings are unattractive and outdated today thanks to the availability of new composite substances. Using natural-colored materials, a cosmetic dentist can replace the silver-colored, metal fillings to restore a natural tooth appearance and enhance the smile of a patient. A dentist may even use genuine gold or silver as a filling material.


Many people have misaligned or crooked teeth. Traditionally, to straighten and align teeth, dentists made use of braces. Although, wearing braces can seriously detriment the look of a patient’s smile. To address this issue, invisalign treatment was introduced. An invisalign system is a clear plastic, custom fit, removable mouth tray. It provides same results as traditional braces, but since the trays are of clear plastic, they are fairly invisible.

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