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How to Overcome Dental Phobia? Explains Dentist in VA, Dr. Neil Flenniken

October 2, 2014

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For most patients, even the thought of visiting a dental clinic sends a jolt of anxiety through their body. Due to some known or unknown reasons, we all fear the dentist, and that’s what we call dental phobia. However, according to Dr. Neil Flenniken, an experienced dentist in VA, when it comes to triggering a fear response, small things can set people off like an upcoming trip to the dentist.

Dental phobia in an individual can set in early. Frightening comments from friends and parents, such as “If you don’t brush and floss your teeth daily, you will have to visit a dental clinic,” can leave an enduring negative impression. More commonly, an upsetting experience at the dental clinic during childhood causes nervousness that carries over into adulthood, says Dr. Neil Flenniken, a D.D.S. from Howard University in Washington D.C. However, today, with the advancement in science and technology, there is no need for anyone to fear dental pain, because modern dentistry is virtually painless.

Latest Dental Tools and Products

As stated above, the availability of latest tools and products has made the modern dentistry almost painless. The latest dental equipment has come a long way over the past few decades. For instance, needles that inject numbing agents are slimmer compared with flatter versions of the past. In the past, needles were used repeatedly and sterilized between patients; however, these days, needles once used are disposed permanently. Dr. Flenniken says repeated use blunts a needle’s point with the time, triggering more pain upon injection. The latest set of dental tools and methods aid dentist slow the rate at which medicine works its way into the gums, reducing uneasiness from the pressure of the medication as it’s instantly released from the syringe.

Calming Dental Anxiety

A long list of medications and new dental products help lessen pain, too. Products like dental patches and topical anesthetic used to numb gums keep patients relaxed during injections and deep cleaning. During the dental procedures, Nitrous Oxide is used to relax patients and intravenous conscious sedation is used to ease pain and discomfort. To truly calm your dental phobia, it never hurts to remember that inside the dentist’s white coat is a person who cares as much about your comfort as your teeth.

Tips to Overcome Dental Phobia

Are you experiencing oral problems, but not visiting a dental clinic because of dental phobia. Here are some useful tips by Dr. Neil Flenniken, an experienced dentist in Virginia, that will help you overcome your fear.

•    Talk to your dentist, and if he or she doesn’t respond or comply to your questions, then you should find another one. A good dentist should begin a visit by asking you formal questions related to you, your family, and your profession. Such questions will create a friendly and comfortable atmosphere and will remove the anxiety.

•    Do some homework before you visit a dental clinic. Ask your dentist every question you have in your mind in terms of your problem and respective treatment. There is nothing wrong in asking such questions to your dentist.

•    Give a cue during the treatment. At any point of time, during a dental procedure, if you are uncomfortable and want your dentist to stop working immediately, then give him a cue. For example, you can raise your hand to let your dentist know about your condition.

For more tips to overcome dental phobia contact Dr. Neil Flenniken at https://www.monarchsmiles.com/meet-the-doctors.html Dr. Neil Flenniken is an experienced dentist in Virginia offering each patient with an exceptional level of care and attention. To schedule an appointment online with a dentist in Virginia, visit https://www.monarchsmiles.com/contact-us.html

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