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Importance of Periodic Dental Visits by Dr. Neil Flenniken, a Dentist in Vienna, Virginia

January 19, 2015

The American Dental Association as well as, dentists also recommends periodic visits to a dental clinic, but have you ever wondered why? Advantages offered by regular dental visits are countless. It not only helps you maintain strong teeth, healthy gums, but also promote overall good health. During the visits, if your dentist finds any signs of oral disorders, then he or she may suggest a more frequent visit to treat the problem before it worsens.

What Goes On During a Periodic Visit

Checking for tooth decay and gum diseases is not only the objective of regular dental visits. It is just a single fragment of a comprehensive dental examination. During your visits, your dentist will probably weigh on the well being of your gums; undertake a through neck and head examination (to determine if there is anything that is abnormal) and inspect your mouth for signs of diabetes, oral cancer, or vitamin deficiencies. Do not get scared if your dental hygiene evaluates your bite, face, saliva and movements of your lower jaw joints. After all these observations, your dentist will then clean your teeth and elucidate the significance of continuing recommended oral care routine at home between dental visits.

Nowadays, most dentists also pay special attention to tartar and plaque.  One genuine reason to why we should focus on plaque and tartar is their buildup rate. Tartar and plaque can build-up in a less time, and if good oral care routine is not followed between visits, the situation can go worse. Beverages, food, and tobacco can spoil the look of your teeth as well, degrading your overall oral health. If not eradicated on time, soft plaque can solidify on the teeth and infuriate the gum tissue. Moreover, if not treated on time, plaque can cause gum disease.

During your periodic visits to a dental clinic, your dentist will examine your gums, tongue, mouth, and throat. There are many routine parts of a dental examination, and they are as follows:

As a part of the Head and Neck Examination, your dentist will begin with:


– Examining your face and neck
– Checking your lymph modes
– Examining joints of your lower jaws
– Examining gums, teeth, and tongue
– Searching for symptoms of gum disease
– Looking for loose teeth
– Examining the tissues within the mouth
– Evaluating your bite
– Searching for symptoms of tooth decay
– Looking for crooked or broken teeth
– Looking for scratched fillings
– Evaluating changes in the gums covering teeth
– Examining the condition of dental appliance, if you have
– Capturing X-rays


Next to head and neck examination comes the dental examination, in which your dentist evaluates the condition of your gums and teeth by:

After successful completion of all the above-mentioned processes, it’s time for dental cleaning. To end your dental visit for the day, your dentist methodically cleans your mouth with the help of below mentioned methods:

– Examining the hygiene of your teeth and gums
– Eradicating any plaque and tartar
– Refining your teeth
– Flossing your teeth
– Revising suggested brushing and flossing practices 

Once the dental cleaning process has been performed, your dentist will inform you about the health of your gums and teeth, making additional recommendations if required. To maintain a good oral health, you should visit your dentist every six months and get a routine examination and cleaning. Always remember, by periodic visits to a dental clinic and following good oral hygiene techniques at home, you are more likely to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

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