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Oral Health with Crooked Teeth & Misaligned Bites

April 25, 2014

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Many people in the United States suffer from crooked, twisted, or overlapping teeth. There are many reasons why those people have such condition with their teeth. Some have a small mouth to accommodate all their teeth; this causes teeth crowding, making teeth shift into awkward positions. In other cases, an individual’s lower and upper jaws are not the same size, which often results in misaligned bite – either an under bite or overbite.

People often inherit crooked teeth and misaligned bite (overbites and under-bites), which trait just like the size of their hands or the color of their eyes. Some other causes of improper bites are as follows:

  • An early loss of temporary or permanent teeth;
  • Excessive strain on the teeth and gums;
  • Inadequate fit of dental restorations, such as crowns or fillings;
  • Misalignment of the jaw due to injury;
  • Gum disease (gingivitis);
  • Tumors of the jaw or mouth;
  • Common oral health problems found in kids, like tongue thrusting, thumb sucking, prolonged use of a pacifier, or extended use of a bottle.

Why crooked teeth and misaligned bite are a problem?

Crooked teeth and misaligned bites are a big problem because they:

  • Interfere with chewing;
  • Interfere with keeping teeth clean, which often leads to the risk of forming tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease;
  • Strain the jaws, muscles, and teeth, aggregating the risk of damaging a tooth;
  • Make individuals feel insecure about their look and affect their confidence.

How can an individual know if their teeth are crooked or their bite is misaligned?

While an individual can see for himself or herself if teeth are crooked, a visit to a dentist is the best way to determine if the problem needs treatment. A dentist will search for the following signs:

  • Unusual alignment of teeth;
  • Trouble or discomfort when biting or chewing;
  • Abnormal appearance of the face;
  • Speech impediments, including a lisp.

A dentist, more often a cosmetic dentist who deals with improving the aesthetic of teeth, will provide the right treatment to correct crooked teeth and misaligned bites.

What tests to expect at the dentist?

Your dentist will probably take several x-rays, photographs of the face, and teeth impressions in order to determine the right treatment for the problem. X-rays provide details on the position of the teeth and roots. X-rays even provide information about any teeth that have yet to come out through your gums. Some dentists also use 3-D cone beam technology to achieve detailed scan of the jaws, helping them to form the right treatment plan. Photographs of the face further help your dentist to examine the connection between your teeth, jaws, and head. In the end, the dentist will take impressions of your teeth. He or she does this by making you bite down on a soft material.

How your dentist corrects crooked teeth and misaligned bites?

After diagnosis, your dentist or cosmetic dentist will decide the right treatment for your crooked teeth or misaligned bite. For some individuals, a removable retainer, like Invisalign system, will be all that is required to correct the problem. If overcrowding of teeth is the main cause for crooked teeth or misaligned bites, your dentist may remove one or more of your teeth. Dental braces also help correct misaligned bites. In rare, yet extreme cases, like having a severe under bite or overbite issues, a surgery may be necessary.

If you are one of those people having crooked teeth or misaligned bite, and if you happen to live in Pennsylvania, then Flenniken Family Dentistry can help. Flenniken Family Dentistry, a dental clinic harboring skilled dentists who skillfully perform general and cosmetic dentistry in Pennsylvania, provides various treatments to correct crooked teeth and misaligned bites. They use state-of-the-art technologies, including 3-D cone beam technology, to diagnose the problem and determine the best treatment plans. To know more about how Flenniken Family Dentistry helps correct crooked teeth and misaligned bites, contact them at the following address.

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