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Overcome Dental Phobias with IV Sedation Dentistry in Vienna VA

April 8, 2016

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IV sedation dentistry in Vienna VADental fears and anxieties are a leading reason people put off going to the dentist. The fear of pain, helplessness, and embarrassment causes many to avoid the dentist until after a problem has developed. In fact, it’s estimated at least 15 percent of Americans suffer from dental fears and phobias, causing them to put their oral health at risk. Now, you can put your fears to ease and care for your teeth with an IV sedation dentist in Vienna VA. Dr. Neil Flenniken is a graduate of the respected institute in Las Vegas for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI) and is certified in IV sedation, nitrous oxide and laser dentistry. You can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands with Dr. Flenniken.

Overcoming Dental Anxieties and Fears

Dental phobias involve more than just feeling a little anxious to visit the dentist. Instead, patients with phobias become paralyzed with fear, causing them to put their oral health at risk. Often, the fear and anxiety causes them to avoid regular checkups and cleanings, letting tooth decay and gum disease go unnoticed and untreated until a serious problem has developed. Even then, many continue to avoid the dentist until their quality of life decreases from a chronic infection.

IV Sedation Dentistry in Vienna VA

Now, patients who have dental phobias can visit a dentist in Vienna VA with IV sedation. Using a medication that’s administered intravenously, patients experience the highest level of comfort. With the use of an IV, the dentist is able to adjust the amount of sedation used to cater to each patient’s comfort level to ensure a relaxing visit.

With sedation, you’ll feel completely at ease while experiencing no pain. While many remain hesitant to use IV sedation due to the belief they will be asleep and not in control, you will in fact remain awake. However, you will be so comfortable, you won’t feel a thing. You will still be able to respond to verbal ques from your dentist. However, you won’t be aware of sights, smells and sounds.

The enhanced level of comfort allows the dentist to conduct his work more quickly, allowing you to require less trips to the dentist. Once your procedure is complete, the effects of sedation will wear off quickly. However, in the meantime, you shouldn’t drive so you will need someone to take you home after your appointment.

Your IV Sedation Dentist

While IV sedation is considered to be safe, you need a dentist who is specially trained in IV sedation. Dr. Neil Flenniken holds special training in IV sedation, as well as nitrous oxide and laser dentistry. As a graduate of Advanced Dental Studies in Las Vegas, he will safely and effectively administer sedation to make you feel at ease.

No matter if you have dental fears or need to undergo a lengthy treatment, IV sedation will make the appointment easier. You’ll feel relaxed while knowing you’re in good hands when choosing Dr. Flenniken for IV sedation dentistry in Vienna VA. Call us today at (703) 691-5760 to learn more about our sedation services.

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