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Precautionary Steps by Dental Clinic Virginia for Patients Suffering from Teeth Grinding

November 10, 2014

Many of us probably grind and clench our teeth from time to time. It is a sort of bad habit, but occasional teeth grinding does not usually harm. However, if you constantly grind your teeth, it may damage your teeth to severe extend. Additionally, it may also give rise to other serious oral health complications. With the wise intention to educate its patients about the harm of teeth grinding, Dental Clinic “Monarch Smiles” Virginia has set free some useful guidelines about how to take care of the problem.

Find out, Are You Grinding Your Teeth?

Teeth grinding is a problem that generally occurs during the nighttime when we sleep, most people are unaware that they grind their teeth. However, a minute and constant headache and a sore jaw are the significant symptoms of grinding. In many cases, it has been observed that people come to know about that they grind their teeth by their family members who hear the grinding at night.

So, if you notice the problem, then better consult a dental clinic for oral care. A dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth for signs of grinding and will suggest a suitable diagnosis.

Is Teeth Grinding Harmful?

Occasional teeth grinding is not harmful, but a constant grinding can lead to fractures, loosening, or even loss of teeth. Long-lasting grinding may damage the teeth down to stumps. If this happens, a patient may need bridges, root canals, crowns, partial dentures, implants or even complete dentures. A severe grinding can affect your jaws, reduces your hearing ability, and may even change your face look.

How to Stop Teeth Grinding?

According to the experienced dentist at Dental Clinic Virginia, it is advisable to fit a mouth guard to defend your teeth from grinding while you sleep. If you grind your teeth due to stress, then attain stress counseling or consult your physician for proper treatment.

Here are Some Other Tips to Stop Teeth Grinding:

•    Avoid consumption of food and drinks that contain excess of caffeine like chocolate, colas, and coffee.
•    Avoid alcohol consumption and chewing of tobacco
•    Avoid chewing of non-eatable material such as pen, pencil, etc.
•    Avoid chewing gum
•    Train yourself not to grind the teeth during the daytime. Put your tongue between your teeth to stop grinding.
•    At night, relax your jaw muscles by holding a warm cloth against your cheek in front of your earlobe.

Cautionary steps are the best remedies for this oral problem. If you continue with a pain in the jaw or minute headaches, it is better you contact a dental clinic for a sure shot solution. If you are a resident of Virginia, then Monarch Smiles is a dental care clinic at your services.

You can make an online appointment and our dentist at the dental clinic Virginia (Monarch Smiles) will assess your condition and conclude the best treatment for it. You can like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter@Monarchsmilesva for useful tips on oral health care.

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