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Sedation Dentistry – For Pain Free Dental Treatment

May 30, 2014

Just thinking about going to a dentist can incite fear in many people. The notion of needles inching through your gums or just imagining various dental tools could be enough to cause panic; preventing you from scheduling an appointment with the dentist. If such situation seems familiar, then sedation dental treatment is the best option for you.

What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is the dental procedure, which makes use of sedatives to keep the patient relaxed and calm. The sedatives could be in the form of anti-anxiety medications, nitrous oxide, or tranquilizers. During the past, it was common to apply sedatives with IV or intravenous therapy, which involves injecting sedative into the vein of the patient’s hand. Then again, use of needles could cause more uneasiness to the patient.

Today, with the medical advancement in dental technology, a new alternative has been found for applying sedatives without using injections. Dental patients can now choose to take anti-anxiety medication through their mouth; hence, they can completely avoid the painful needles. This method of dentistry opens up a new way for a pain free visit to the dentist.

What is involved in sedation dentistry?

Before reaching a decision to go through with the sedation dentistry, you might like to know every step that is involved in the treatment; hence, here is the brief on the sedation dentistry procedure.

First, during the primary consultation, the dentist will go through your dental history, as well as will check your anxiety levels and various health factors. Taking sedatives can be a risk; thus, the dentist will make sure to take a note about your every medical aspect. Sometimes sedatives may react in a certain way to food supplements, vitamins, alcohol, or cigarette; hence, it is vital that you let the dentist know your lifestyle and dietary details during the consultation itself. In most cases, the dentist will also instruct you what to eat and what not, before and after the treatment. After gathering all the medical information, the dentist can decide the right type and dosage of sedative for the treatment.

During the sedative dental treatment, it is essential for you to have a friend or a family member by your side, who can drive you to the clinic. The effects of sedatives may vary from person to person. Some may feel drowsy for a couple of hours while others may require more time to recover; thus, having someone by your side is essential.

You will find many sedation dentistry specialists in Pennsylvania who can provide you gentle, pain free dental treatment. Furthermore, you will find even some dentistry specialists in Pennsylvania who can provide laser treatment, which is relatively painless and as effective as sedation dentistry. Taking care of your teeth is essential and with the pain free dental treatments available, you will never have to fear visiting a dentist.

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