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Dr. Neil Flenniken, an Experienced Dentist in Vienna, Uses Cone Bean Technology for Dental Treatments

November 21, 2014

Because of technological advancement, the field of dentistry is constantly evolving. Every year, hundreds of new dental tools are poured into the market to help dentists offer more comfortable oral treatments to their patients. Dental radiology too has undergone revolutionary technological shifts in the last three decades. During that period, the field of dentistry has gone from the dip tank for automatic processing to panoramic to digital radiology. Well, it is 2014 and the field of dentistry has arrived at the 3-D revolution with cone beam computerized tomography (CBCT). The latter is the most advanced dental imaging software with all new set of standards.

Being one of the most reputed dental clinics in Vienna, Monarch Smiles is a one-stop destination to all your oral problems. We have skilled and experienced dentists, patient-friendly environment, and latest dental tools to offer dental treatments in the most relaxed way possible. We know, adopting latest tools is not only good for us, but is also beneficial for our patients. As a part of our habit of adopting new technologies, we are using Cone Beam Computerized Tomography to offer world-class dental treatments to our patients.

Looked upon as the most advanced and useful dental imaging software, Cone-Beam Computerized Tomography is swiftly becoming the de facto maxillofacial imaging technology for accurate diagnosis that can help plan suitable surgical and implant treatment. The decisive difference between CBCT and its ancestors is the term: customary CT scans record data with a helical, fan-shaped beam that emits images to detectors placed in an arc around the patient, whereas CBCT systems utilize a cone-shaped beam with a bigger, adaptable field of view (FOV). Cone Beam technology covers the entire volume of different areas of interest in one rotation, while ordinary CT requires numerous rotations around the patients to yield a complete picture.

Why Cone Beam Computerized technology is the Best?

CBCT is Faster & Safer – As CBCT takes images in a single rotation, the scan time is faster than that of ordinary spiral CT systems. Moreover, CBCT allows practitioners to regulate the amount of radiations; hence, patients will be exposed to lesser radiation. Because of these, CBCT is safe and fast.

CBCT Captures Images with Greater Accuracy – 3D cuboidal structures known as Voxels inside the CBCT allow dentists to capture 3D images with greater accuracy. Moreover, 3D images can be used to show certain tissues, observe different angles, and display changing thickness & depths.

CBCT offers Versatility – CBCT is versatile in nature because it can be used for traditional forms of radiography, such as panoramic, cephalometric, and 2D imaging. This not only offers dental practitioners additional diagnostic tools but also makes the transition of 3D imaging easier for dental assistants and other staff members.

CBCT is Designed to Offer Greater Comfort – Lower emission of radiation for dental imaging offers a great peace of mind to patients. CBCT systems are designed specifically with the enhanced patient comfort in mind. Moreover, it has the potential to offer patients with complete 3D renderings of their oral problem in a visual manner, which in turn can allow these patients to play a key role in their own treatment.

CBCT Lowers Operational Costs – Although CBCT systems are the most sophisticated and advanced equipment, they radically reduce treatment schedules, allowing insurance claims to be generated and handled in a lesser timeframe.

At Monarch Smiles, Dr. Neil Flenniken and other fellow dentists use CBCT systems to offer accurate dental treatments. Patients visiting Monarch Smiles are benefiting from the advent of CBCT by getting an accurate diagnosis, improved surgical and orthodontic treatment planning, and eventually safer and more predictable surgeries in the areas of orthodontics, temporomandibular joint disorder, maxilla-facial reconstructive trauma, and implantology.

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Dental Implants & Invisalign Braces

April 28, 2014

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Having a while and bright smile is like a dream come true for almost every individual. It massively increases the confidence level in an individual and says a lot to the world about the kind of person he / she is. If your teeth are in good condition that it creates a positive impression of yourself stating that you are a clean and healthy individual all around, and one who takes pride in themselves. This will bring you a confidence in both your working and social life, allowing you to interact freely with all types of people, with a secure knowledge that your smile isn’t letting you down. This is why it is essential to take a proper oral and dental care, which will help you to maintain healthy teeth and gums. However, often even though we do take and maintain proper oral care but we still face problems such as irregular placement of teeth, missing tooth, etc. and in such situation it is become vital for us to take an aid of professional by visiting a dental clinic.

Dental Implants

Amongst the many types of dental treatments available out there one of the most common and popular treatments offered is dental implants. Generally, dental implants are applied when the tooth has broken, become discoloured or in certain cases appears to be unappealing. In dental implant treatment the affected tooth will be removed, and a small metal stud will be attached to the jaw bone in its place. The stud will attach itself to the bone organically, over a period of time. It takes the place of the original root and when the process is complete, a crown will be attached to it. This is considered as one of the most effective way to replace the damaged, or even worse, missing tooth, naturally and permanently. Ultimately, it allows you talk and smile freely again.

Invisalign Braces

The technique proves really helpful and effective, especially to the patient who is having missing or damaged tooth, as it will be replaced naturally and permanently. Ultimately, this will allow the patient to talk and smile freely again. Yet, sometimes the problem may be larger and spread across over multiple teeth rather than just one tooth. Many times for straightening and re-aligning of both sets of teeth (top and bottom) requires final touch for the perfection of a smile. Many people hesitates to go through this treatment because of the fear of involving being fitted with ugly and cumbersome braces that irritates the soft tissues of the mouth and remain unsightly for several months. However, with modern dentist technology the things are not the same as before, you can ask your dentist in Virginia that whether they provide Invisalign braces. Invisalign braces are light weighted aligners made from clear plastic. Once they are applied, they are virtually invisible. If requires than it can be removed easily for drinking and eating, and one set can be replaced with the next one.

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