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Dentist in Virginia Explains Everything About Dental Sealants

December 31, 2014

In simple words, a dental sealant is a white or clear, liquid plastic material placed on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. During the treatment, when a dentist paints your teeth, the sealant bonds into the grooves and depressions of teeth, eliminating the chances of tooth decay and cavities. Dental sealants are quite common among kids and teens; however, in some cases, adults also use dental sealants.

Why you need dental sealants?

The sole objective of dental sealants is to eliminate tooth decay and its chances. When we brush and floss our teeth, the larger food particles and plaque are removed from the smooth and even surfaces of the teeth. However, brushing-off plaque and food particles from the back teeth is a daunting and difficult task. The reason why cleaning back teeth is a difficult job is the uneven depressions and grooves that premolars and molars have. Dental floss and toothbrush cannot completely reach the unusual depressions and grooves of the back teeth. Hence, to seal these exposed regions, dentist apply dental sealants on the grooves and depressions. Dental sealants cover the exposed areas, averting food particles from entering and sticking there and eradicating the chances of plaque formation.

Who should get sealants?

As the chances of tooth decay and cavities in the depressions and grooves of the molars and premolars are high, teens and kids are apparent candidates for dental sealants. Adults can advantage themselves from dental sealants without opting for dental fillings. Children ageing between 6 to 12 years should get sealants on their molars and premolars as the earliest as to avoid the possibilities of tooth decay and cavities.

How dental sealants are applied?

For an experienced dentist, application of dental sealants in an easy going process. The entire treatment does not require any grinding or drilling of tooth structure, and takes only a few minutes for a dentist to apply the sealant material. Here is the complete dental sealant application process:

  1. Teeth to be treated are thoroughly cleaned
  2. Cleaned teeth are dried for the treatment. Your dentist may place absorbent material or cotton around the tooth.
  3. A little acidic solution is applied on the upper surface of the teeth, which abrades them and aids the sealant material adhere to the teeth properly.
  4. The dentist will rinse the teeth and dry them again.
  5. Once the teeth are completely dry, the dentist will apply the sealant material over the chewing surface of the prepared-tooth, where it sticks to the tooth and hardens.
  6. To expedite the procedure, the dentist might use a special laser or light.

 Are Dental Sealants Durable?

Of course, dental sealants are highly reliable, and can last up to ten years. It protects your teeth from decay and cavities. In some cases, patients need to visit the dental clinic in order to detect any damage or chip.

To know more about dental sealant or dental sealants by a professional dentist in Vienna, Virginia, feel free to visit https://www.monarchsmiles.com/.

Best Teeth and Gum Care Tips by Dentist in VA, Dr. Neil Flenniken

November 28, 2014

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There are plenty of honest reasons to keep your smile healthy and beautiful. Healthy gums and teeth offer you sparkling smile, let you enjoy your favorite food, avoid toothache and discomfort, and more importantly, reduce the risk of heart disease.

With suitable oral care routine, your gums and teeth can stay healthy throughout your life. Fortunately, there are some easy-to-follow steps to keep your gums healthy and teeth strong. Dr. Neil Flenniken, an experienced dentist in Virginia, answers how you should care for your teeth and gums to reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum diseases.

5 Most Effective Tips to Keep your Teeth and Gum Healthy

There are five simple steps to caring for gums and teeth:

1.    Regular Brushing
2.    Proper Flossing after Brushing
3.    Eating Healthy Food
4.    Periodic Visit to Dental Clinic
5.    Rinsing

Brushing – Brushing your teeth at least twice a day is highly recommended. If time permits, brush after every meal. Brushing your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste removes plaque, a layer of bacteria that sticks to teeth. When bacteria in plaque meet food, they generate acids, which further leads to development of cavities.

Flossing – Floss your teeth at least once a day. Flossing eliminates food elements and plaque stuck between teeth that are beyond the reach of your toothbrush. If you do not floss your teeth regularly, the plaque stays between teeth, hardens into tartar, and eventually, results in an oral complication. Therefore, floss your teeth regularly. Floss between each tooth along with behind the back teeth.

Healthy Eating Habit – For good oral health, eat a wide range of foods; however, reduce those that contain an excess of sugar and starch. Food with excess of sugar and starch generates excessive acid inside the mouth, and the longer it stays in the mouth, the more it can damage the teeth. For instance, hard “sucking candies” are extremely harmful as they stay in the mouth for a long time. Moreover, snacking sugary foods can cause tooth decay, as most people do not brush or floss their teeth after snacks. Avoid snacking on, Crackers, Cookies, Pie, Breadsticks, Sugary Gums, etc.

Visit Dental Clinic Regularly – To maintain healthy gums and teeth, visit the dental clinic at least once every six months. Regular checkups and professional cleanings have their own importance. If you experience pain, swelling, or bleeding, then immediately visit your dentist for a proper treatment and guidance.

Rinsing – Along with the above-mentioned steps, use antibacterial mouthwash to reduce bacteria that cause plaque and gum diseases. A good quality mouth rinse reduces the chances of tooth decay.

In-between, if you experience any sort of oral problems, then visit your dentist immediately before the condition worsens. If you are living in Virginia or nearby areas, then you can contact Dr. Neil Flenniken for regular check-up and dental treatments. Dr. Neil Flenniken is an experienced dentist in Virginia, having a team of dentists to offer high-end and relaxed dental treatments at affordable prices. For periodic oral check-ups, schedule an appointment here: https://www.monarchsmiles.com/contact-us.html.

Visit Dentist in Virginia to Get Rid of Bad Breath Problem

October 31, 2014

How confident are you about your smile? It is comparatively easy to focus on the appearance of your teeth when it comes to having a whiter, brighter smile. However, regardless of how white and amazingly straight teeth you own, you won’t be 100% confident about your smile as you know that you have a bad breath problem. Victims of bad breath feel embarrassed to open their mouth to speak to others.

Medically called Halitosis, bad breath is one of the most common oral problems caused as a result of poor dental habits. It may also indicate some other health problems. Surprisingly, more than 50 million people in the United States alone suffer from chronic halitosis. As a remedy to bad breath, some people use mouthwashes whereas some eat breath mints to control it. However, people looking for serious treatment; prefer to visit a dental clinic for a halitosis cure.

Bad breath may appear a tiny issue when it comes to your smile; however, it can harm the way you communicate with other people. You may lack confidence to get close to other people when you interact with them, for fear that they can smell your bad breath problems. This lack of confidence can directly affect both, your personal as well as professional life. If you desire to overcome the problem of bad breath, and want to be more confident about your smile, then consult your dentist for fresh breath hygiene treatments.

As chronic halitosis leads to serious consequences, people suffering from bad breath anxiously find a halitosis cure. There are thousands of products available in the market to control chronic halitosis, but none of them has the potential to solve the problem. Fresh breath hygiene treatments by your dentist will offer you fresher breath, cleaner teeth and confidence to interact with anyone at any point of time. Your dentist will also offer you appropriate tips and diet plan on how you can prevent bad breath and stay confident about your breath. A dentist can eradicate the root causes of bad breath.

If you are living in Vienna, Virginia, or any nearby area, then you can visit Monarch Smiles, a dental clinic in Vienna, for bad breath treatment. Monarch Smiles is one of the most reputed dental clinics in Virginia, having a team of the most qualified dentists in VA. Experienced dentists at Monarch Smiles will offer you revolutionary treatment for chronic halitosis by killing the bacteria that cause bad breath, killing the VSCs before they produce the malodors that define bad breath, and decreasing proteins that allow odor-triggering bacteria to ferment.

To schedule an appointment with the most experienced dentist in Virginia (VA), please fill this online form: https://www.monarchsmiles.com/contact-us.html

How to find the Best and Experienced Dentist in Vienna, Virginia?

September 23, 2014

The one place where you wish to be totally relaxed and comfortable at is the dental clinic. Whether you are a first-time visitor experiencing an oral problem or a periodic visitor having the best oral hygiene, everyone fears when it comes to visiting a dental clinic. However, an experienced dentist can make you feel comfortable and possess the ability to address your oral problems in the most relaxed way possible. Experienced and qualified dentists are the key to relaxed and comfortable oral treatment. Therefore, with the intention to help, Monarch Smiles offer tips to find the best and the most experienced dentist in minimal efforts.

Is your dentist ready to invest enough time with you?

This is the first and the most important aspect. If your dentist is too busy to spend enough time with you, than you might feel rushed and unsatisfied with the treatment. When you visit a dental clinic, you shouldn’t feel like the dentist is on a ticking clock. Instead, the dentist should take the time to make you comfortable, should answer all your questions patiently, and should be willing to spare extra time in handling your problem whenever required. The bottom line is, the dentist you consult should have the willingness to accommodate your needs so that you leave satisfied and happy.

Can your dentist effectively handle your oral problem?

If there is any specific oral treatment you want, before visiting a dental clinic, it is necessary that you educate yourself about the same. Look for a dentist who has expertise and experience related specifically to that treatment. A dentist with appropriate knowledge about the treatment and equipment will ensure that you receive the most up-to-date care. Therefore, be sure to find a specialist dentist with proper knowledge and equipment.

Is your dentist guaranteeing his or her work?

Unfortunately, if for some reason the treatment does not work, then your dentist should follow up with you to make sure that it is fixed. It may happen that dentists offer services that they have the ability to perform; however, don’t have enough experience to guarantee the desired result. According to Dr. Neil Flenniken, an experienced dentist at Monarch Smiles, Vienna, a skilled dentist performs oral treatments that will procure predictable results and have the experience to guarantee those results. If your dentist is not skilled at certain oral treatment, then is advisable to seek someone who has the proper experience in that treatment.

What your friends, family members, and colleagues have to say about the dentist you plan to visit?

The best and the experienced dentist will definitely have a huge fan base, word-of-mouth and recommendations from their patients. Before visiting a dental clinic, ask your friends, family members, and colleagues to state their views so the dentist you plan to visit.

According to Dr. Neil Flenniken, if you are seeking oral care treatments in the Vienna, Virginia, then you should be aware about the competitive market that can lead you to franchise or possibly to inexperienced dentists. These dentists offer unprofessional and less specialized treatments that are being presented as specialized oral care services. The oral treatments may be affordable in the nature; but it will often turn out to be less than satisfactory.

Dr. Neil Flenniken, a renowned dentist in Vienna, prides himself in offering high quality, patient-centric, and truly professional oral care services at truly affordable prices. At Monarch Smiles, he concentrates on offering high standard dental care treatments to his patients in the most relaxed and homely atmosphere.

To know more about Dr. Neil Flenniken, please visit: https://www.monarchsmiles.com/

To make an online appointment, contact Monarch Smiles at https://www.monarchsmiles.com/contact-us.html

You Must Visit a Dentist Regardless of Your Financial Condition

June 10, 2014

It is important for every individual that he / she must visit a dentist on a regular basis regardless of their current financial condition.  It is a fact that most people often avoid visiting dentist in either of these two situation (1) when they are dropped from their insurance or (2) if they simply never had any insurance. In both cases they are indeed taking a risk with their oral health. Besides, this is not a good idea at all because once your teeth are badly damaged you may end up incurring more expenses behind them, and at the same time it can be very painful and perhaps very hard to repair. There might be a case wherein you have to lose your tooth or the complete teeth simply because you were unable to take care of it on time. No one likes to lose his / her tooth or teeth, or likes them to see in a complete damaged state or perhaps like to have bad breath; hence, to ensure that you are able to get the best dental checkup that you need, there are a few things that you must do.

Dental Care Based on the Income

There are many dental clinics as well as dentists in Virginia who have now come up with income based dental care programs. This way you will be able to get the dental care you need, wherein you will have to pay a fraction of amount of the overall cost incurred to get the work done. You will have to bring your income proof when you are visiting the dentist for the appointment. The receptionist will figure out the minimal pay that you can afford for the dental care. Overall, it calculates on how much you make in month and the number of people staying in your family, based on that it determines the percentage of bill that you will have to pay to the dentist. Besides, there are also few income based dental facilities that allows you to pay the bill overtime. Yet, if you have opted for this than it is important for you to ensure that when the payments are due, how much the payments are for, and in what form the payments are meant to be paid. This way you are able to get the dental care you need without spending a fortune to get it.

Payment Plans

here are also dentists and dental clinics in Virginia who offer payment plans to their patients. If you are seeking for such dentists then it is important to ask about the payment options before setting the appointment, ensuring that the desired dentist does offers the payment plans. It is also important to find out that how much money you may have to pay on the day of your visit, which is usually a small percentage of the total bill.

Free Dental Fairs

Many professional dentists and dental organizations realizes that there are individuals who cannot afford to get the dental care they need. Hence, such dentists and dental organizations will hold fairs, allowing people to come and have a free dental checkup.

Dentist in Vienna, Virginia Explains, What is Neuromuscular Dentistry, Why and When Your Need it

June 2, 2014

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Neuromuscular dentistry concentrates on how the chewing system functions together with respect to orthodontic planning. Going beyond teeth, skeletal structures and the jaw, neuromuscular dentistry includes the joints, airway and the muscles that control the jaw. When all these work collectively in harmony, patients enjoy a comfortable bite and beautiful smiles.

Routinely, when we visit a dental clinic, a dentist will examine the teeth for immediate pain, broken or lost teeth, infection, or any other immediate concerns.  However, some dentist began to notice a link from what is going on in the mouth and how that affects the functioning of the rest of the body. Neuromuscular dentistry studies the complete system that operates the alignment and working of your jaw – specifically the interdependent relationship between the teeth, muscles and jaw joints. Above all, the key focus of neuromuscular dentistry is the treatment of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD), generally known as TMJ, and the many troubles to your body system that it causes.

Headache Treatment and Neuromuscular Dentistry

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD) has factually been misdiagnosed as a chronic headache or migraine.  Without proper testing and analysis, the recommended course of treatment would be pain medicine, which cures the symptom but not the underlying problem. If you have ever suffered or are suffering from frequent headaches, or migraine, experience a locking jaw or a continuous clicking sound when you open or close your mouth, then there is a risk that your pain or headaches are coming from Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD). If you are experiencing any of these issues, then you can benefit from neuromuscular dentistry treatment for a complete headache treatment. You can contact our dentist in Vienna, Virginia, about how neuromuscular dentistry treatments can treat more than just your smile, and offer you  headache relief without medication or surgery.

TMD Disorder and Muscular Pain

When your temporomandibular joints (TMJ) get inflamed due to a misalignment of your bite, external injury, grinding of teeth, arthritis, or other causes; it gives rise to Temporomandibular Joint Disorder. The inflammation leads to other problems as you strain the muscle in your face, head and neck, conveying pain signals throughout your entire body. Visit Monarch Smiles, a Dental Clinic in VA, to know more about how neuromuscular dentistry can relieve your neck, back and facial pain.

Neuromuscular Sports Dentistry

At Monarch Smiles, our dentists are constantly looking for modern ways to enhance the overall health and comfort of our patients by addressing problems in their mouths. Along with aesthetic improvements and oral hygiene, neuromuscular dentistry at Monarch Smiles can help you to improve the overall working of the body. A neuromuscular mouth-guard keeps your jaw muscles properly aligned to keep your jaw in the best position.  The neuromuscular mouthguard will help the body muscles work at the full strength of motion and flexibility.

Contact our Dentist at Monarch Smiles for Neuromuscular Dentistry in Vienna, Virginia:

Virginia based dental clinic, Monarch Smiles, is known for its advanced dentistry and neuromuscular dental treatments for patients. Our dentists will examine your problems and assess whether the bite has a contributing role in your pain. However, if you have any of these symptoms, you may have TMJ problems and require neuromuscular dentistry, immediately:

  • Headaches or migraines
  • Jaw pain
  • Clicking/popping in the jaw joints
  • Clenching or bruxing of teeth
  • Neck and/or shoulder pain
  • Limited or painful muth opeining
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Facial pain
  • Ringing in the ears (tinnitus)
  • Ear congestion
  • Worn, ground-down teeth
  • Loose teeth
  • Bleeding gums
  • Tingling in the fingers
  • Numbness in the tip of the tongue
  • Vertigo

If you have previously sought relief from headaches or body pain by using a medicate pain reliever but have not tried correcting the underlying in your mouth and jaw or previous dental splints have not helped, give us a call at (703)714-7374, or to make an online appointment, visit https://www.monarchsmiles.com

Dental Care: 5 Steps to Maintain Healthy Teeth

May 26, 2014

Many people have to opt for dental care treatments such as surgery, tooth removal, root canal surgery, etc. This could be as a result of improper dental care such as negligence of not brushing the teeth as well as bad eating habits that can cause tooth decay. On the other hand, visiting dentists for treatment could also be expensive too. However, booking an appointment with can be avoided if you are able to take good care of the teeth.

So what steps will you take to maintain healthy teeth?

1. Importance of toothbrush

Toothbrush is one of the most important aspect in maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Hence, it is vital to choose carefully that what type of toothbrush you may require; the one with hard bristles, medium bristles or soft bristles. If you are unsure that what kind of brush you may require than its ok; however, don’t push hard on the guns when brushing which can cause the gums to bleed. If it happens than it is advisable to use brush with soft bristles as it will help to protect your teeth. Generally in 3-4 months span, your brush will started wearing out or the bristles will bent too much, when that happens than it is a good time to change your toothbrush.

2. Brush twice a day

It is important to brush at least twice daily if you want to maintain healthy teeth. At first after breakfast in the morning and secondly before you go to bed. This will help your teeth to not to be effected by plaque, and the plaque will not get enough time to attack the enamel of the teeth. Many people applies too much toothpaste on their brushes; however, that should not be the case as even a small pea size toothpaste is enough to the trick.

3. Flossing

Many people tend to underestimate flossing. The fact is that it is the most effective way to keep the mouth clean. The reason is because no matter how hard we try, there are always some pieces that get stuck between our teeth. Flossing is probably the most effective way to get rid of those stuck food particles.

4. Mouth Wash

To keep your oral hygiene in check plaque removers are also an excellent way. Chances are that your tooth brush and flossing may miss certain areas of your mouth but it is quiet impossible that even mouth wash will also miss those areas. There are many flavors available for the same these days that helps with the breath as well.

5. Brush inside & outside of the teeth

While brushing, also ensure that you brush on both side of teeth as well as on the both, upper and lower jaw. In order to maintain fresher breath, brushing your tongue is also vital. Many bacteria gather around the tongue. After brushing the tongue, your breath will be refreshing.

Finding a cosmetic dentist

May 23, 2014

A cosmetic dentist can certainly beautify your smile through a variety of dental procedures including teeth whitening, applying veneers, dental cleaning, and so on. Although, searching for a reliable cosmetic dentist can turn out to be a challenging task, especially if you are not aware about where to start from; hence, here is some useful info that will help you find a reliable dentist in your locality.

It is a fact that the profession of dentistry, including cosmetic dentistry thrives in the United States; hence, it would be a good idea to first look into the references that your family dentist has to narrow down the search. General dentists, if they don’t perform cosmetic dentistry, oftentimes offer recommendations to their patients to cosmetic dentists for certain cosmetic dental treatment. Getting references from such reliable source could prove to be valuable.

Once you have a recommendation from your family dentist, the next thing to do is check the experience levels of that recommended cosmetic dentist. To ensure quality service along with an exceptional level of care, a cosmetic dentist needs to be vastly experienced. Besides, experience not only means quality services, but it also means that the dentist is capable of handling a variety of cosmetic dental treatments that you may need.

Along with experience, it is also vital to check the certifications as well as the affiliations that the dentist has. Certifications ensure that the cosmetic dentist is well-trained while affiliations show that the dentist is a respected person who believes in better dental care for his or her patients. Therefore, make sure to check for the certificates, degrees, and affiliations of the cosmetic dentist.

Finally, make sure to check the type of dental technology the dentist uses to provide cosmetic dental treatment. A decent cosmetic dentist will use technologies like digital impressions, 3D imaging, digital x-rays, and other modern dental tools. Some dentists are even capable of making use of laser dentistry for treating a variety of cosmetic problems. It is highly recommended going to such cosmetic dentists because they can provide comprehensive cosmetic dental treatments at a single location.

Pain Free Dentistry

May 14, 2014

Just hearing the word dentist can send chills down the spine of many people. The notion of sharp needles slowly creeping through your gums or simply imaging dental drill drilling in your teeth could be enough to cause panic; preventing you from visiting the dentist. If such situation sounds familiar, then sedation dentistry is the best available option for you.

What exactly is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is one of the dental procedures that involve the use of sedatives to keep the patient calm and relaxed. The sedatives could be in any form such as tranquilizers, nitrous oxide, or anti-anxiety medication. Conventionally, it was common to apply sedatives through IV or intravenous therapy that involves vaccinating sedative into the vein of the patient’s hand. Then again, the use of vaccination may incite fear in some patients.

These days with the tremendous advancement in the field of dental technologies, an alternative of administering sedatives without vaccination, has been found. Today, the dental patients can completely avoid the painful needles by taking anti-anxiety medication through their mouth. This sedation dentistry has indeed opened up a revolutionary way for a pain free visit to the dentist.

Some of the facts of sedation dentistry:

  • You can relax throughout the entire dental treatment.
  • You won’t remember any sounds or smells of a dental drill and dental medications.
  • You will have little or no memory of the dental experience.
  • Complex dental treatments that require multiple visits can often be done in one or two visits.
  • Sedation dentistry is safe and proven technique for pain free dental treatment.

Do You Want to Avoid Bad Breath? Follow these Battling tips by Dentist in Virginia

May 9, 2014

Bad breath is much more than just a disease and embarrassment for all those who suffers from it.  It is a dental issue, medically known as halitosis and caused due to poor dental health habits. It may be a sign of other dental problems. It can worsen by the types of foods you eat and unhealthy lifestyle routines. Here are some useful tips from our dentist in Virginia, Dr. Neil Flenniken, on how to avoid bad breath while practicing proper dental hygiene:

Try to Avoid Certain Foods:

All the food that we eat starts breaking down in our mouth, which is further digested and absorbed by the bloodstream. It is then carried to the lungs and given off in the breath. If we eat the food with the strong odor such as garlic and onion, they linger on the breath long after eating them. The bad breath will not go away totally, until the food has completely passed through your body. You can temporarily cover it by brushing, flossing and, even by using mouthwash. Hence, try to avoid such foods before any personal or professional encounter.

Brushing, Flossing and Mouthwash

It is a common suggestion from all the dentists around the world, and if followed honestly, it is one of the most effective methods to avoid all the dental problems. During the chewing process, the food particles stuck between teeth. These particles of food start to go bad, resulting in bad breath. Brushing, flossing, and mouthwash can dislodge those bits before they turn fatal. Additionally, it also reduces the risk of oral problems, such as tooth decay, gum disease, etc.

Stop Smoking

Every one of us is already aware with the unpleasantness of smoking. Avoid smoking and use of other tobacco products as it has several negative effects on the oral health.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water is the most important factor for a good human health. If in case you are in a situation where you cannot brush anytime soon, drink water because it has a tendency to clear away the food particles. Keep your mouth wet as the dry mouth can also cause bad breath because saliva is required to moisten and cleanse the mouth.

Schedule Professional Dental Care

Deep cleaning by a dentist can eliminate any hidden, bacteria-filled tartar that may be harming your breath even after proper brushing and flossing. A visit to a professional dental care clinic can help you prevent almost all the oral health problems. A qualified dentist can treat any decay or disease that already exists.

If you follow these tips, you may probably end up getting rid of all your oral health problems. Monarch Dentistry is dental care clinic based in Virginia. We have teams of qualified dentists in Virginia. Join our social network to get useful tips on oral care, Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter @dentistry_pa.

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