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The Improvements in Dentistry

May 11, 2015

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Thanks to the advancement in dental technology, dentists now have access to the latest equipment and tools designed for faster diagnosis, less invasive treatment, and greater overall comfort. Many potential patients are nervous about visiting their dentist; some even have dental phobias. The modern dental tools and equipment are geared towards easing those discomforts while improving the quality of dental care.  

Enhanced Comfort

One of the excellent examples of a modern dental tool that factors toward patient comfort is the air abrasion device. This modern device replaces the traditional dental drill with placid and quiet air abrasion (scuffing or scratching) to remove tooth decay. With this excellent device, a dentist is able to scrape and remove the particles of decay without the grating sound of a dental drill. For more comfort in routine teeth cleanings, new devices have been introduced that clean and polish the surface of teeth with air power, instead of scrapers and buffers. This instrument is perfect for individuals who have anxiety of metal tools or are a bit sensitive about the sanitation of re-used dental tools.

Improved Efficiency

Some modern dental tools are also designed to reduce the time a patient has to spend in the dental chair. For instance, dental lasers, used in gum treatments and root canal procedures, reduce a significant amount of time in cleaning the bacteria than the conventional techniques. Dental lasers, including hard and soft tissue lasers, are designed for a variety of procedures such as teeth whitening, root canals, treatment for gums, and removal of old fillings. The precision of the laser makes treatment of specific problems easy and effective.

The dentists today also have access to modern equipment like digital x-rays and 3D Cone Beam technology. Digital x-rays enable dentists to take x-rays of a patient’s mouth with up to 90% less radiation than conventional x-rays. 3D Cone Beam, on the other hand, gives dentists in-depth three-dimensional images of the affected area. Both these technologies give dentists accurate diagnosis, helping them create a more appropriate treatment plan.

Improvements in Prevention

With the new dental technologies, there have been substantial improvements in the detection of oral health and various preventative measures. For instance, these days initial dental exams also include an oral cancer screening. By detecting the diseases in their earlier stages, it is possible to eliminate them, or at least keep them in check. For better diagnosis, there is also 3D imaging machine available. With the help of this imaging machine, the dentists can evaluate all the sinuses, temporomandibular joints, and even airway to identify any signs of sleep apnea.

The revolution in dental technology has indeed led to faster diagnosis, less invasive treatment, and greater overall comfort. If you are looking for dentists in Pennsylvania, who utilize modern tools and equipment in order to give an exceptional dental treatment and care, then Flenniken Family Dentistry is the right place. Led by Dr. Neil and Susan Flenniken, dentists in Pennsylvania, at Flenniken Family Dentistry, have years of experience and skills in handling the latest dental technology.

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