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“What If I Already Had Braces?” 4 Questions About Invisalign

August 29, 2019

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Invisalign and braces

If you’ve been looking for ways to correct a crooked smile, chances are you’ve heard of Invisalign, a treatment that over 6 million people have used as a convenient, see-through alternative to braces. But what if you’ve already had braces or currently have other kinds of dental restorations in your mouth? You may ask yourself “Should I get Invisalign?” To help you decide, here are the answers to 4 questions patients often have about using clear aligners after other treatments.

1. Can I Switch to Invisalign if I’m Wearing Braces?

If you’re already wearing braces, aligners that you can take out of your mouth and will let you eat anything you want probably sound pretty good, but can you switch in the middle of treatment? Many times, the answer is yes! In fact, plenty of dentists and orthodontists have used a combination of traditional braces and Invisalign to great success. That said, it depends on the type and severity of the adjustments that still need to be made; your dentist will need to examine your mouth to make sure it’s an option.

2. I’ve Already Had Braces, Can I Still Get Invisalign?

Even if you already wore braces when you were a child, there’s a chance that they might shift back over time. Invisalign can treat all kinds of issues, so if your teeth have started to move out of place again, the clear aligners can be a great way to discretely move them back.

3. Will Invisalign Work If I Have Veneers or Crowns?

Veneers are thin shells used to cover cosmetic flaws on the front of your teeth, and a crown can be used to protect a tooth that’s been decayed or damage. You might still be able to get Invisalign if you have these restorations; in fact, it could even be preferable to braces in some cases since you won’t have to worry about brackets pulling a crown or veneer off. That said, your dentist will have to take your personal needs into account.

4. Will Invisalign Work with a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge can fill a gap in your mouth by connecting two or more teeth. Unfortunately, this can get in the way of Invisalign treatment; the clear aligners are designed to move each tooth individually, but this might not work if some of them are held together. That said, bridges won’t always stop you from getting Invisalign.

In short, the position of any existing restorations and the kind of changes that need to be made are all factors that need to be considered before your dentist can give you Invisalign aligners. Before you schedule a consultation to ask about the treatment, take note of your dental history and anything else relevant to your oral health; it might mean all the difference in your journey towards a straight, dazzling smile!

About the Author

Dr. Neil Flenniken has a Fellowship from the Academy of General Dentistry. He has experience with all kinds of cosmetic treatments, including Invisalign clear braces and porcelain veneers, and can use them for extensive smile makeovers. To schedule a consultation or a checkup at his Vienna practice, Monarch Dentistry, visit his website or call (904) 272-0800.

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