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Yes, You Can Find Stress Free Dentistry in Vienna

May 5, 2016

stress free dentistry in viennaDental fear and anxiety produce a terrible cycle. Too many sufferers avoid necessary preventive or restorative dental care due to their phobia, meanwhile their oral health worsens and drastic measures must be taken to correct significant problems later on. Fortunately, Monarch Dentistry can help you enjoy stress free dentistry (yes, you read that right) with IV sedation. It’s a safe and highly effective method for patients dealing with a variety of barriers to dental care. Knowing IV sedation is a possibility can help you find the courage to seek the dental care you need, right when you need it.

All About IV Sedation

Just like the name implies, IV sedation is delivered intravenously through either the crook of the arm or the back of the hand. While patients remain conscious while under IV sedation, it offers a more significant level of relaxation than other sedative options. You’ll fall into a deeply relaxed state, perhaps lightly dozing and completely removed from the sights, smells and sounds of what’s going on around you.

One of the biggest advantages of the IV method of sedation is that the dosage is easily adjusted to ensure your total comfort. And because the medication is administered right into the bloodstream, the results take effect more quickly than with other options. That’s a considerable bonus for patients dealing with dental fear or anxiety.

IV Sedation and Your Safety

When you undergo IV sedation at Monarch Dentistry, you can feel confident that you’re in excellent hands. Dr. Flenniken is certified and highly experienced in providing IV sedation for patients who have barriers to dental care. During the procedure, our trained team members will closely monitor your vital signs to make sure you’re completely safe throughout.

While IV sedation doesn’t require any special preparation on your part, there are a few things you can do leading up to your visit to make the day of your appointment go more smoothly.

  • Arrange a ride back home from the dentist’s office.
  • Plan to take it easy for the rest of the day (or at least the first few hours) following your dental appointment.
  • If special medications (like pain medicine or antibiotics) are necessary following the treatment or procedure, make prior arrangements to have them filled.
  • Stock your kitchen with soft foods if you require a special diet following your procedure.

Interested in Sedation Dentistry? Learn More Today!

IV sedation is just one of the sedation options offered by Monarch Dentistry. Click here to learn about nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation, then contact our office to book your visit for relaxing dental care with the dentist in Vienna today!

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