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Your Everyday Oral Health Care Routine by Dr. Neil Flenniken, an Experienced Dentist in Vienna, Virginia

September 4, 2014

If you hate yellow teeth, bad breath, and other annoying oral problems (who doesn’t), then you should adhere to a strict oral health care routine. It not only keeps your teeth and gums healthy, clean, and dirt-free, but also helps you evade many other serious oral health complications such as gum diseases, tooth decay, etc. According to the dentists, a good oral healthcare routine includes more than just brushing and flossing. There are some steps to keep your teeth and mouth healthy for a lifetime, and they are as follows:

1.    Understand Your Oral Health Needs – As a first step to understanding your own oral health needs, consult your dentist, or any other oral health care specialist. Ask them about any unusual condition in your mouth and any ways in which your existing medical/health conditions are going to affect your teeth or oral health. For instance, heart diseases, cancer treatments, diabetes, pregnancy, and many other health conditions can influence your oral health and may require immediate medical attention. When you visit your dentist, don’t forget to update them about a change in your overall health or in any medications you are consuming since your last dental visit.

2.    Plan and Strictly Adhere to a Daily Oral Health Care Routine – As per the guidelines of your dentist, outline a healthy oral care routine and strictly follow the same. For instance, individuals with unusual health conditions such as diabetes and pregnancy may require extra care, instruction, and perhaps suitable treatments to keep their mouth healthy. Remember, patients with special medical condition require additional care.

3.    Make Use of Fluoride – Use of fluoride is beneficial for both, kids and adults. It strengthens the erupting teeth in kids and inhibits tooth decay in both adults and children. Make use of toothpastes and mouthwashes that contain fluoride. If the level of fluoride in the tap water is not up to the mark, then contact your water utility to fix the problem. Along with all these steps, don’t forget to consult your dentist about your fluoride needs.

4.    Brush and Floss Daily – A universal rule to attain and preserve a good oral health is brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing at least once a day. If possible, brush your teeth after every meal and snack. Brushing and flossing remove plaque, which if not removed, it mixes with sugars to produce acids that will cause tooth decay. Bacterial plaque also leads to gum disease and other periodontal diseases. Make use of antibacterial mouthwash to lessen bacteria that lead to plaque and gum disease.

5.    Consume a Balanced Diet and Stop Unnecessary Snacking – Eat a balanced diet and avoid food that contains sugar and starches, including cakes, ice cream, cookies, potato chips, pies, dried fruits, soft drinks, and raisins. Such foods produce more acid in the mouth, which initiates the process of tooth decay. If you snack frequently, then brush your teeth afterward or chew sugar-free gum.

A strict oral care routine and daily preventive care will help stop problems before they arise. Regular visits to the dentist will also reduce the risk of developing gum diseases, tooth decay, and many other oral problems.

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