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Tysons Corner preventive dentistry woman receiving dental checkupEveryone deserves to enjoy great oral health for life, and our team at Monarch Dentistry strives to make this happen for all of our valued patients. We offer a wide variety of comprehensive services designed to treat virtually all kinds of restorative and cosmetic concerns, but the most vital attention we offer is also the simplest – prevention. With routine check-ups, refreshing cleanings, and other preventive services designed to stop and solve potential problems at their earliest stages, Dr. Neil Flenniken and Dr. Suzan Rismani-Flenniken can keep you smiling brightly. We’re located in Vienna, VA, and we also welcome patients from Washington D.C., Tysons Corner, McLean, and other nearby areas.

Dental Check-ups & Cleanings

Here at Monarch Dentistry, we recommend that patients attend two in-depth evaluations and hygiene appointments with our team every six months, or twice every year. Even observant and diligent people can fall victim to oral problems that go unnoticed, which is why you need a trained eye to locate them as soon as possible and provide effective treatment. It’s also important to have plaque and tartar removed on a regular basis, which is handled during your cleaning.

Initial Dental Examination

Our initial exam is an indicator of our strong belief in proper oral health. By beginning our relationship with each patient by way of a thorough comprehensive exam, we can provide them with better short-term and long-term results. If you don't start strong, you can't finish strong!

Comprehensive Dental Exam Includes:

High-Tech Dentistry with 3D Imaging

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants help fill in the narrow nooks and crannies in a tooth that can’t be cleaned adequately by brushing. In most cases, the tooth structure has small pits or grooves that accumulate plaque – not because the person does not brush properly, but because these grooves are too fine to allow even one bristle into them. Accumulated plaque eventually results in the development of cavities, which can damage teeth beyond repair. In order to prevent this, our team can place dental sealants. We will brush on a coating that seals the narrow pits and grooves, making it possible to prevent plaque accumulation in them. With pits and grooves sealed, patients can brush thoroughly keep teeth healthier.

Periodontal Treatment

Did you know that nearly 75% of the population suffers from a mild to advanced stage of periodontal disease? While symptoms may be relatively benign in the early stages of this condition, they can quickly progress, leading to jawbone deterioration, lost teeth, and other destructive consequences. Here in Vienna, VA, our team offers several treatment options that can successfully combat these possibilities, including periodontal maintenance, scaling and root planing, antibiotic therapy, and soft tissue laser treatment.

Laser Dentistry

Here at Monarch Dentistry, we strive to stay at the forefront of state-of-the-art dental technology. Our revolutionary soft tissue lasers allow us to provide a variety of laser dentistry treatments with more precision and comfort than ever before.


Participating in a sport is always fun, but active patients should be as vigilant as possible about the damage their smile could incur. If you’re a regular player in an athletic event that could involve contact with another person or a hard surface, our team strongly recommends wearing a customized sportsguard. While one-size-fits-all options can be found at sporting goods stores, only a quality product from Monarch Dentistry can provide you with the ease, comfort, and stellar protection you deserve.

TMJ & Bruxism Therapy

TMJ is an acronym for Temporomandibular Joint. The temple area of the skull is temporal, the lower jaw is mandible or mandibular, and where both the temporal bone and jaw meet is the joint. Along with the two bones, there are five muscles and cartilage that buffers the joint. Misaligned teeth, excess muscle tension, or trauma can cause problems in the temporomandibular joint, which are called temporomandibular disorders (TMD). Temporomandibular disorders or the problems in the temporomandibular joint can often have serious consequences.

TMD can cause:

Some dental treatments, often called TMJ treatments, can cure temporomandibular disorders. These can include moving teeth, filling gaps between teeth, correcting a patient’s bite, and replacing missing teeth. Sometimes, a custom-fit night guard is used to prevent teeth grinding or clenching, which is one of the major factors that contribute to the TMJ problem. One treatment can’t be right for every TMD case; therefore, our doctors may utilize multiple dental techniques to treat a patient’s case. If TMD is untreated or left to aggravate, surgery may be needed to repair a severely damaged joint.

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Neuromuscular Dentistry

Neuromuscular dentistry focuses on the alignment of your jaw and whether that alignment is ideal for your oral health and happiness. Misalignment issues, even relatively small ones, can lead to overly stressed muscles and other painful symptoms that could become related to temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ disorder). Here at Monarch Dentistry, our goal is to help you achieve an even bite that’s comfortable and effective in your everyday life, and we have the experience and skill to provide neuromuscular techniques if needed.

Sedation Dentistry

Many patients experience anxiety or fear when faced with an upcoming dental appointment. We offer multiple sedation dentistry options that can help patients feel truly at ease throughout their procedure.

Digital Dental X-Rays

Dental X-rays are a controlled beam of X-ray radiation that passes through oral structures to produce a special image on a photographic film, showing the skeletal system of the jaw. Dental X-rays provide the same black and white images that doctors use to detect pathology (disease) in the bone, as well as in the soft tissue. Without an X-ray of the entire tooth, its supporting bone, and its gum tissue, there would be no way to identify pathology or infection that requires attention.

In our Vienna, VA office, we utilize digital radiography (digital X-ray) that allows us to take X-rays of the mouth using up to 90% less radiation than traditional film X-rays. Using this modern technology, we are able to take an X-ray by using a small electronic sensor that records the image of your teeth, as well as the jaw, and sends it to a computer. The image is quickly processed and instantly seen on the computer, so there are no long wait times. The result from our digital X-ray is a detailed image of your mouth, which can be enhanced easily in order to better diagnose dental problem and determine the best treatment course for each case.

3D Cone Beam Technology

In most cases, two-dimensional digital X-rays are successful in showing us what we need to know about your oral health. However, when planning a complicated procedure like the placement of a dental implant, they can be inadequate. Thankfully, our cone beam technology here in Vienna, VA solves this problem by giving our doctors an exceptionally detailed, three-dimensional image of the patient’s mouth and associated structures. With this thorough information, our team can plan the patient’s procedure with a greater level of accuracy and success.

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