Root Canal Therapy in Tysons Corner

woman having toothache, with hand on her cheekIt’s likely that you’ve heard of root canal therapy before, but you might not actually know what the procedure entails. When a tooth experiences sudden trauma or a severe case of decay, the damage can eventually become significant enough to reach the inner pulp and nerve, allowing destructive bacteria to accumulate there. This can have far-reaching consequences, not only on the patient’s oral health but on their overall wellbeing, and extraction can become a very real possibility. Thankfully, root canal therapy is a saving grace that can restore much-needed vitality and structure to the hurting tooth.

 If you’re in need of restorative assistance, don’t hesitate – contact Dr. Neil Flenniken and Dr. Suzan Rismani-Flenniken here at Monarch Dentistry today to schedule an appointment. Our Vienna, VA office serves the nearby areas of Washington D.C., McLean, Tysons Corner, and beyond.

What is Root Canal Therapy for?

Common symptoms include:

There are cases, though, where patients may not experience any noticeable symptoms until the damage has become too severe to properly treat. This is why attending regular check-ups with our team here at Monarch Dentistry is so important.

The Root Canal Process

If our doctors determine that root canal therapy is necessary, the procedure will involve our team accessing the inner chamber of the affected tooth and thoroughly cleaning way the diseased nerve, pulp, and bacteria. Once this is complete, the area will be sealed to minimize the risk of further infection, and in most cases, we’ll recommend having a customized dental crown placed to restore the structure that was lost in the procedure.

Today’s impressive advances in anesthesia and dental technology have helped root canal therapy become no more painful than receiving a common filling. Better yet, the procedure has an extremely high success rate. As long as patients care for their treated tooth properly with oral hygiene and regular check-ups here in Vienna, VA, it’s very possible that they’ll be able to enjoy it for the rest of their lives.

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