Relieve Jaw Pain through TMJ Therapy

woman having toothache, with hand on her jaw If you live with jaw pain, you could suffer from a TMJ disorder. When the temporomandibular joint, which connects the jaw to the skull, functions incorrectly, it causes many uncomfortable symptoms to develop that decrease your quality of life. Simple tasks, like speaking, chewing, and yawning can become very painful. To stop the complications, your dentist in Vienna offers TMJ therapy. At Monarch Dentistry, we embrace the latest technologies to improve your jaw function while restoring your quality of life.

Living with TMJ Disorders

TMJ disorders can be causes by several issues, such as past trauma to the joint, arthritis, a poorly aligned bite, or bruxism. No matter the cause, you live with several complications. Often, the jaw becomes sore, tender, and may even swell. In addition to pain, it is not uncommon to experience a clicking, popping, or grating sensation when you open and close your mouth. In some cases, your jaw may even lock into one position. However, the symptoms of the disorder do not just affect the jaw.

It is not uncommon to have severe headaches while also experiencing head, neck, or shoulder pain. In some cases, you can develop pain or ringing in the ears. Over time, your teeth may become sore or loose due to the strain placed on them. To stop the discomfort, you need TMJ therapy in Vienna.

Neuromuscular Dentistry to Reduce Jaw & Muscle Pain

Often, patients tend to believe that surgery is their only option to treat a TMJ disorder. While surgery can sometimes be needed, we choose to take a less invasive approach that is very effective. We embrace neuromuscular dentistry to realign your bite into a more natural position. By doing so, this takes the pressure off the joint to resolve your symptoms.

Neuromuscular dentistry focuses on your alignment, jaw, and muscles and how they relate to one another. With this understanding, we can create a customized treatment plan to realign your bite into a more comfortable and natural position. Often, this involves the use of an oral appliance. The custom-fit device will reposition your jaw to reduce the strain placed on it. This helps to alleviate your symptoms while also benefiting those that suffer from grinding and clenching of the teeth.

In some cases, orthodontics may be recommended to realign the jaw. We also recommend home remedies using stress-relieving exercises. These not only work to reduce pressure on the jaw, but will also help to promote its flexibility to improve its function.

Start Your TMJ Treatment Today!

When your jaw does not function as intended, it can negatively impact your quality of life. Although it may not seem like you have many options, Monarch Dentistry offers the solutions you need. We will perform a comprehensive consultation to determine the cause of your discomfort to create a proactive treatment plan.

If you are ready to stop living with TMJ pain, contact Monarch Dentistry today to schedule your consultation. We provide the extraordinary care that you deserve.

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